Cell Therapy To Remove Existing Brain Tumor, Providing Immunity Against Its Recurring

Jan, 2023 - by CMI

A new approach to remove the brain tumors and give immunity against the recurring of cancer and strengthening the immune system.

According to the latest works by Khalid Shah, at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, MS, Ph.D., and a founder member of Mass General Brigham healthcare system, investigators establish a new cell therapy to remove the existing tumors and inducing long-term immunity  in the body by preparing the immune system from recurring of cancer.

The team carried out its research in an advanced house model of the brain cancer glioblastoma, and the results were in affirmative.

The approach taken up by Shah and his team is different. The field of cancer vaccine is an interesting area for doing active research work. The team is working on using living tumor cells rather than on using inactivated tumor cells. The living tumor cells have an unusual feature of travelling a long distance across the brain to reach to the spot of their companion tumor cells. This uniqueness property of the living cell was used in the gene editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 by Shah and his colleagues to discharge off tumor cell killing agent. The engineered tumor cells were so designed that they could be easily get identified by the immune system and can even be  remembered in preparing the immune system for long-term anti-tumor response.

The repurposed CRISPR and the reverses engineered therapeutic tumor cell (ThTC) was tested in mice strains and also in bone marrow, thymus cells and liver obtained from human beings impersonating its immune system. A two-layered safety switch was activated into cancer cell to remove the ThTCs when required, by Shah’s team.

The therapy was found to be effective and safe in application. Though more tests and developments are required, the team has started using the human cells to convert their findings into fruitful effects on humans. Shah and his team analyzed that the healing effect of the strategy can be used on solid tumors and more researches on its usage is much needed.