Challenges Faced By The Foldable Smartphone Brands

Nov, 2022 - by CMI

Though it is an exciting and new technology there are some problems with foldable smartphones which need to be fixed

Smartphone industry is undergoing massive developments in a rapid speed. Ranging from increasing battery backup to sliming the phone’s thickness smartphone manufacturers are working hard to make their product look advanced and new in the fast developing market. One such new trend or development in this industry is foldable smartphones. Though not many brands have entered into this sector, foldable smartphone is considered as future of this industry. The technology of a folding screen is new and not yet fully ripen. There are certain problems with the foldable phones which are turning a challenge to the manufacturers to solve.

The Crease
The line where the screen of smartphone folds is highly noticible in most of the smartphones, especially in Samsung Z Fold and Flip phones. The depth of this crease breaks the continuity of the screen.

Lack of water and dust resistance
Expect samsung no other foldable smartphone provides the water resistant guarantee. Samsung provides IPX8 rating to their foldable phones. The letter X in this rating means they are not dust proof.

Cheap looking screens.
Folding screens of most of the smartphones have cheap looks mostly because of the ultra-thin glass used. Most of these screens have a glare problem too.

With Samsung, Motorola and Huawei the only major brands to bring foldable phones into world market, availability of other brands phone is always an issue. Xiaomi, honor, oppo, vivo have launched their phones only in china.

App Support
There are still some popular apps like instagram and Amazon which don’t support the foldable screen.

Probably the major challenge faced by the foldable industry is its high price range. The Galaxy Z Fold 4, costs at around $1,799. But if we compare it with Galaxy S22 Ultra, it starts at $1,200 and is better equipped.