Change in Climate Responsible for Increasing Sea Temperature Levels

Nov, 2020 - by CMI

Extraordinary rise in sea temperature has been recorded due to global warming as per a report published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Operational Oceanography.

Data from Copernicus Marine environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) of the European Union (EU) regarding climate change and its threats to the seas and oceans of the world will raise major concerns. The ocean state report reveals that surface warming was encountered globally on the basis of evidence from 1993 to 2018 resulting in the largest rise in the Arctic Ocean. In 2018, the seas in Europe experienced a record high temperature, a phenomenon which is attributed to extreme weather conditions by researchers that lasted several months. In the North East Pacific Ocean, a large mass of warm water was observed in the same year. This was reported to be similar to a marine heat wave that had a devastating effect on marine life in 2013. In order to provide better knowledge and data, the authors of the study are calling for improved monitoring. They believe that this study will help countries to progress towards sustainable use of oceans and seas since they are an essential source of energy, food and other resources.

The researchers found that the changes in the sea level have impacted the entire ecosystem and contaminated them to meet demands from humans. Systematic and comprehensive monitoring, as well as assessment of oceans is required to ensure sustainable management of seas and oceans. The Ocean State Report also identified some other major issues due to climate change in the oceans and seas globally which included the rise in the sea level, acidification due to carbon dioxide loss of sea ice retreat and oxygen.

The authors also added that it is the human society who is dependent on the seas, therefore contamination of seas and oceans is out of question.