ChatGPT- Powered Bing And Edge May Now Be Available On Mobile

Feb, 2023 - by CMI

The AI chat experience powered by ChatGPT is now available in the Microsoft Edge and Bing mobile apps, but users must be a member of Microsoft's preview program to use it.

Microsoft unveiled the ChatGPT-powered Edge browser and Bing Search on desktop two weeks ago. Since then, one million people from 169 countries have been admitted to the preview program to test the AI's capabilities. The same artificial intelligence-assisted chat is now available in the Bing and Edge mobile apps.

Microsoft estimates that 64% of all searches are conducted on smart phones. As a result, it has updated the Bing and Edge applications for iOS and Android, giving them a new look and having the chance to have natural conversations using its AI.

By tapping the Bing symbol, a member can interact with the AI in the same way that they can on the desktop edition of the search engine's mobile app. Individuals can display responses to their queries as text, bullet points, or concise responses.

Both the desktop and mobile versions of Bing are getting voice search from Microsoft. The business stated in its blog post that voice search enables additional freedom in how the user can deliver cues and receive answers from Bing.

Microsoft has also merged Skype with the AI-driven Bing search engine. Bing may be added to any Skype group and asked to supply the group with information and responses to inquiries.

Consider the situation where the family is discussing the next gathering. If so, one can ask Bing for advice on potential travel locations, weather predictions, and intriguing activities scheduled around the time of the trip, and everyone in the chat will have access to the results.

A trial version of the AI Bing experience is presently available worldwide on Skype or mobile. Users can enroll in Microsoft's queue to gain access to it. These options should be available straight now for a user who is currently utilizing the Bing trial experience.