Coffee's Association With A Longer Lifespan

Sep, 2022 - by CMI

According to a sizable new study, those who consume up to eight cups of coffee daily may have a little reduced chance of dying young than those who don't.

And whether the coffee is made or instant, with or without caffeine, doesn't seem to matter. They contend that their findings show that the advantages of coffee may originate from other substances and potentially from the preparation process as well as from the ingestion of caffeine.

Diterpenes are fatty substances that are more prevalent in brewed ground coffee that is not filtered, and some data suggest that they may increase the risk of LDL cholesterol (the "bad" variety).

Coffee contains more than 100 physiologically active substances, although caffeine is the one that is most well-known. 

Given the amount of study that has already been done, it would be surprising if coffee didn't end up being the healthiest choice. The problem is that it's difficult to say much more than that. The majority of coffee research rely on the examination of observational data at the population level, which can only actually indicate a correlation between any two elements and not prove a cause-and-effect relationship. And while researchers attempt to take into consideration additional elements that may possibly explain why a certain association arises, they are not always successful. Coffee drinkers, for example, could differ from non-drinkers in significant ways that aren't apparent from the statistics.

Randomized trials of coffee consumption would probably be the best way to settle this argument, but they would be quite expensive. In the interim, you'll probably be good either way as long as you're not drinking a tonne of coffee every day. Additionally, some individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders may wish to avoid coffee since it may make their symptoms worse.