Coros PACE 2 made Significant Upgrade of the Original

Jul, 2021 - by CMI


Coros PACE 2 looks nice on the wrist with wide array of features and a longer battery life beating most of its competitors.

There are smartwatches that help in tracking runs, workouts, sleep schedules and much more, but there are a very few smartwatches to choose from when it comes to these parameters. After weeks of testing that, a few features of the Coros PACE 2 makes it different and desired. With the weight of 29g including its nylon strap, this device is very lightweight. It can be felt on the wrist, but sometime later it won’t be noticeable.

An expandable nylon strap is the basic strap attached to it, yet a simple Velcro strap and a Silicon strap options are also available. The plastic finishing and the lightweightness was of this device might make it seem cheaper and unimpressive, but the aesthetics are worth it. This watch is very much cost-efficient with the price range starting from U.S. $199.9. Another important attribute of this device is its battery life. It can last for an entire day if the user have a continuous access to the GPS and if the device is used more occasionally then it can last up to three weeks. If used periodically, then only some percentage drop in the battery can be seen every day.

This cost efficient, lightweight and long lasting device brought in many other features as well. With a 240×240 pixel resolution, the diameter of the LED screen is about 12 inches. It does not have a very brilliant brightness, but one is able to read it in a daylight when needed. There are about 41 dynamic watch faces to choose from. The 50m water resistance is another intriguing feature, one can use this watch in a pool also. Enhanced outdoor tracking and a step by step navigation are the features that are absent in this device. Coros emphasizes that this watch has 5x RAM, 4x internal storage and 1.5x stronger processor than the original watch that was launched 3 years back.