CVS Health Becomes The First Pharma Company to Start Vaccination Campaigns in The U.S.

Mar, 2021 - by CMI


On February 12, 2021, CVS Health commenced their vaccination process for people aging from 65 and above in Illinois, U.S.

The American healthcare company, CVS Health became the first pharmacy chain to offer COVID-19 doses apart from the government-run medical facilities in U.S. The CVS Health-owned CVS Pharmacy started to offer the COVID-19 vaccine at 36 different locations of Illinois State. Previously the pharma company had made appointment-only registrations for this vaccination program in the state. CVS has been supplying doses at over 300 care facilities for a specified age groups in the states of Illinois, New York, Indiana, and Massachusetts as of Thursday, February 11 under its Phase 1B program. The company has started to disperse the vaccine shots on the next day in the Central Virginia. The pharma company has plans to vaccinate around 200 people each day at every location. Due to limited supply of vaccines, the target of 34,000 vaccine shots daily was not completed on Friday. Although the company has set the goal of giving 50,000 shots daily by March 1.

The vaccination event which was scheduled to take place in Richmond on February 13, is re-scheduled for next week due to bad weather conditions. The participants who have missed the vaccination shots on Friday will be given the same on the new dates. In the Illinois State, over 3.2 million residents are the eligible candidates for vaccine shots under the company’s Phase 1B program, which mainly includes the people aging from 65 years and above along with the workers.

Multiple vaccine locations are taking appointment-only due to scarcity of doses, however, the Illinois State is expected to launch the inoculation in near future. Despite the expansion of the vaccination program at several locations, CVS Health is having a hard time to meet the vaccine demands in this states.