Dell Introduces Ultra Sharp Webcam

Jul, 2021 - by CMI


This ultra-sharp webcam is Zoom and Microsoft compatible.

Dell, the computer technology firm has proved itself by designing a webcam that can provide ‘easy use and smart DSLR like image quality’. The Ultra Sharp webcam is a 4K video chat device which guarantees that the user will remain in the frame during the video chat. In 2020 it was hard for people to visit their loved ones, due to which video calls became popular. Although smartphone cameras may be beneficial, but for those who need a high-quality webcam may boost the use of a specialized webcam. Some firms also have software that can be used for video conferencing as standalone cameras.

Dell rejected many such standalone software with their new high end webcam for a 3.54 inches long, anodized aluminum cylinder with a diameter of 1.65 inches. It has been optimized and certified for Google Meet, Slack, Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The core of Sony’s image sensor STRAVIS 8.3 MP is a multipurpose lens with a resolution from 4K UHD to 20 frames per second or from 1080p/720p to 60 frames per second. And image processing onboard optimizes visuals, including pre-installed HDR capability for Digital Overlap to enhance poorly illuminated chat sessions and provide more realistic colors and automatic 3D/2D grain image reduction chop.

There is also an ingenious automatic framing function which uses AI smarts to keep the user in the middle of the frame when moving around and without the webcam’s mounting. Autofocus, automatic white balance and automotive illumination correction are all helpful in maintaining images, although the demo on the product page seems not so quick for monitoring the user. A 65º, 78º or 90º field of view can be used as well, also there is a 5x digital zoom. Dell failed to provide an integrated mic, so the users need to cable or use a Bluetooth headset from an external mic to their computer. It might be a troublesome for the ones who work from home but it is useful for the ones who use studio mics. This new device is priced U.S. $199.