Differential Gene Expression Is a Possible Cure Model to Type 1 Diabetes

Jun, 2021 - by CMI


There were also evidences of the involvement of the several Natural Killer Cells (N-K Cells) in the blood that aided the progression of T 1D, in many asymptomatic children.

Type 1 Diabetes (T 1D) is a common chronic autoimmune condition affecting the β cells of Islets of Langerhans portions of the pancreas. This cell and its functions is very much crucial as insulin is secreted from here. Thus hormone insulin is a peptide hormone, helps in the transferring of the glucose molecule inside the cellular cytoplasm, so that energy can produced breaking the glucose inside.

The exact cause of T 1D and its auto-immune reference is not found. This disease is also common in children and popularly called as Juvenile Diabetes. However, prior to the occurrence of this disease, body release β cell-reactive autoantibodies in the blood as a market for this disease. Thus monitoring these β cell-reactive autoantibodies can help in the prediction of disease long term before the occurrence.

New study findings tell us about another aspect of this disease. The expression of White Blood Cells (WBCs), and also their genetic changes occurs in the infants just prior to the appearance of the specific autoantibodies. Analysing the pattern of the WBC can also be an effective and robust method to identify the progression of T 1D.

A survey was made where blood samples of children were collected and using bioformatics study along with a genomic approach, samples were processed to measure the gene expression related to the disease. Thus they got a proper switch on and switch off mechanism of the genes, in regard to the disease progression.

They found that early changes in the occurrence of the White Blood Cells, results in to Auto-immune condition, which can stimulate T 1D, the involvement of N-K Cells in the progression of the disease. Although exact theory is not known, whether N-K cells actively take part in the T 1D progression. These results can be useful at least to make a fully functional predictive model, which might lay the foundation for the determining cure to this problem.