Enalapril to Improve Heart Function in Women Diagnosed With Preeclampsia during Pregnancy, Study Suggests

Feb, 2021 - by CMI

According to a new study led by the researchers of Manchester the University of Manchester (UoM) and University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) have suggested that a common cardiovascular disease drug ‘Enalapril’ exhibited potential in enhancing heart function in women who were diagnosed with preeclampsia during pregnancy. Moreover, it is evident that drug Enalapril is used to diminish high blood pressure and in the treatment of heart failure and preeclampsia is a health condition that distresses some pregnant women, where hypertension is the major symptom.

Researchers informed that high blood pressure during pregnancy can further lead to cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the future. In the study, researchers focused on the women with pre-term preeclampsia, who are at eight times’ higher risk of developing severe CVD in the future. Moreover, researchers included 60 women with pre-term preeclampsia for the study. Later, researchers observed that women who received enalapril exhibited improved heart function, which was compared to women who received placebo. Furthermore, they informed that Enalapril was provided to women after pregnancy, as the drug is unsafe during pregnancy, however it is safe in breastfeeding mothers.

Dr. Ormesher lead author, stated, “We are extremely grateful to the women who took part in PICk-UP. Our results have shown early potential to improve maternal health in the postnatal period, with a safe and affordable medicine. We now plan to take this further, aiming to expand the study across the UK and are very excited about the next steps.”

Researchers concluded that the results findings from this pilot study has confirmed the achievability of this treatment, and plans to conduct larger clinical trial at other hospitals nationally.