Fall Detection On The Google Pixel Watch Could Now Detect Frequent Falls

Mar, 2023 - by CMI

The new function can be found on the Updates page in the Pixel Watch app, and the watch can now recognize hard falls and contact emergency services automatically.

Fall Detection has now been made available for the Google Pixel Watch by Google. The function was advertised as becoming available sometime in the winter when the watch first went on sale. For future use, current users can now enable Fall Detection. The watch utilizes machine learning to detect if a user falls hard and does not get up right away by drawing on its built-in sensors. In order to distinguish between small stumbles or workouts and actual falls with safety concerns, Google thoroughly tested the functionality.

When the Google Watch recognizes a genuine fall, the function comes in. The watch will vibrate and emit an alarm signal if no movement is detected for 30 seconds. Moreover, the screen will display the phrases "I fell and need help" or "I'm okay." If users are in fact fine, they can press "I'm okay" to turn off the feature. Instead, users could call emergency services by pressing the "I fell and need help" button.

If customers don't select either option, the alarm on the watch will be louder. After about a minute, it will automatically dial emergency services. Once help is received, the watch will automatically play a message asking for aid. If users are able, they can speak with the operator directly to explain their issue.

To use the new feature, launch the Google Pixel Watch app on a phone that is connected to it and look for the promo card under Updates. Turn Fall Detection on from one’s wrist by opening the Personal Safety application and pressing the switch next to it. If customers do not have a Google Watch that is LTE-enabled, then one watch must be actively connected to a smartphone by Bluetooth for this to work.