Ferrari Revealed Their New Version of The Iconic Supercar Ferrari Daytona SP3

Dec, 2021 - by CMI

The limited prototype units of Ferrari Daytona SP3 are being made by Ferrari to pay homage to their most enigmatic sportscar.

Ferrari just revealed the newest model from their ultra-exclusive Icona series with the famous Daytona SP3. The company is trying to pay tribute to the limited manufactured mid-motor V-12 roadster.

In 1960, Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari created one of the most celebrated cars in auto history. Overnight, Ferrari Daytona got into the first round of the International World SportsCar Championship and came up with the top three places. In 1967, the company pulled all of its models from the market.

Since 2018, Ferrari has been going to mount a 12-cylinder motor from their hybrid model, the LaFerrari hypercar. This was considered the powerful non-electric prototype from Maranello. The output of the 6.5 liter motor, usually considered as V-12, raised to 840 HP and 697 Nm. The motor has also been modified, over 812 Competizione for much intake and exhaust. The motor model comes with a rebalanced crankshaft, friction reductive piston pins, and shafts. The motor is made of lightweight titanium. The modified prototype contains a rapid-shifting seven-speed automatic gearbox. For the Daytona SP3, Pirelli P Zero Tires are developing a new set of tires to improve resistance in deep grip positions.

The company has frequently maintained its pollution-generating V-12 motors for this series’ prototypes, and the Icona series delivered up 2% of the models it sent in the last financial quarter. Furthermore, the V-12 models were estimated for 12% of total shipments. All of this will secure a combined motor, 812 Competizione A, and 1600 V-12 812 Competizione models. Started this year, with an initial estimate of under five hundred thousand dollars.

The 2021 prototype of Daytona SP3 took its inspiration from models such as the 330 P3, P4, and 512 S. All these models were fan-favorite race car models for a long time. The Icona series was going to set a benchmark by re-launching the Daytona SP3 model.