First ever green hydrogen electrolyzer Gigafactory in India is inaugurated by U.S. based Ohmium International

Sep, 2021 - by CMI


The first production capacity of the Gigafactory located in Bangalore city is around 500 MW per year.

On August 24, 2021, the renewable energy startup Ohmium International claimed that, through its Indian subsidiary, it inaugurated India's first green hydrogen electrolyzing Gigafactory in Bengaluru. The Gigafactory will produce hydrogen electrolyzers from the Indian Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) with an initial production capacity of around 500 MW per year and will have an annual output of up to 2 GW.

PEM's hydrogen electrolyzer, which uses renewable energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, is the key equipment for the generation of green hydrogen. The start-up has been equipped with distributed and scalable technologies. It aims at making the country an export center of green fuel by further expanding the production of green hydrogen in India. The firm will ensure a complete solution in the nation is available and decrease import dependence on this essential equipment. Green Hydrogen is industry agnostic and the pollution-free fuel for the future, enabling India's shift to clean energy easier. The green hydrogen could be used with zero carbon footprint to produce fertilizer, refinery, steel, conventional vehicles.

Although several companies have revealed ambitions to generate green hydrogen, Ohmium production of electrolyzers will ensure that final solutions are available and reduce import dependency for this important machinery, Ohmium stated in its statement. Adding in the statement, the firm aims at being a pioneer in enabling the generation of Green Hydrogen in India and making India Aatmanirbhar in clean energy production.

Ohmium's CEO, Arne Ballantine, claimed that Ohmium has built both distributed and scalable technology, which includes modular, high-performance, and high-grade goods. She added that Gigafactory has an annual production capacity of around 1⁄2 GW, the capacity may rapidly grow up to 2 GW annually. In the sustainable future, Ohmium International allows companies to distribute green hydrogen. Ohmium is manufactured in India and operates worldwide in the U.S.