Generative AI, Microsoft's Plan For A Richer Content World

Jun, 2023 - by CMI

Members of Microsoft's Start program will gain better connectivity and revenue sharing. 

Microsoft says all publishers will benefit from adding interactive search. However, many of these benefits are available to participants of the Initiation program. For any advertiser, increasing engagement and adding content to social media will increase traffic and allow advertisers to capitalize on that traffic. 

Microsoft has seen a 15% increase in traffic since the launch of the new Bing. According to the company, the site has about 100 million daily users and 100 million chats. About a third of these users are new to Bing; therefore, Microsoft believes that these new users present an opportunity for advertisers to increase traffic and sales.

Start, Microsoft's answer to Google News or Apple News, was released in September 2021 and is now in beta. You may manually add or delete interests and articles from Start publishers on this customized news platform, which is accessible as a website or mobile app. 

Heavy hitters like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fox News, and USA Today are among the start publishers, as less well-known periodicals like Past Factory, The Stock Dork, and Neon Moon.

Microsoft has boldly declared its intention to increase its ad business's revenue by double, to $20 billion, during the next years. The business is counting on generative AI to aid in its ascent. 

Microsoft is attempting to persuade publishers that its vision of a mutually beneficial publishing environment will come to pass even though it is aware that it cannot accomplish it alone. 

Traffic-hungry content producers must continue to ride along for the time being. There isn't any other option. (But, putting more effort into brand development and using unmediated methods like email is a smart investment.) 

Microsoft's admission that publishers should be paid for boosting new Bing is encouraging, but we'd want to see more clarity on the Start initiative.