Gmail And Docs Are Would Get AI Tools To Help With Job Description Creation

Jun, 2023 - by CMI

The first set of AI technologies that Google is introducing for Google Workspaces are coming to Email and Documents.

Before Microsoft announces GPT-4, Google has unveiled a set of new AI features coming to Google Workspace in an effort to steal some of Microsoft's thunder. Gmail and Documents will receive those tools in the initial phase of their rollout.

Johanna Voolich Wright, the vice president of product for Google Workspace, said in a blog post today that the company is integrating a flurry of new AI technologies for Workspace. A step that should make its AI competition with Microsoft more competitive. Wright said these technologies will be arriving on Docs, Slides, Gmail, Meet, Sheets, and Chat. Wright does note that testers will initially receive the generative-AI experiences throughout the year before they are made available to the general public.

The following is a list of upcoming Workspace features according to Google:

Write, respond, sum up, and order your Email.

In Documents, write, edit, and rewrite your ideas.

Bringing any creative concept to life with ai audio, pictures, and video in Slides.

Move from raw data to insights and analysis using auto-completion, formula development, and contextual classification in Sheets.  Create fresh backgrounds and note taking in Meet.  Allow workflows to complete tasks in Chat.  One of the first Google products to receive the new AI features will be Documents, followed by Gmail. The AI will assist in creating, summarizing, and brainstorming text for these apps.

Users will be able to alter and refine the text once it has been generated, as well as receive new ideas. The user will be able to modify the tone and structure of the text in addition to making a draught using a feature. There seem to be six alternatives in the second demonstration, including Elaborate, Formal, Bulletize, Shorter, Informal, and Create a draught.