Google Announces A Brand-New "Perspectives" Function For Search

Jun, 2023 - by CMI

To counteract false information, Google is introducing new search tools.

A number of fact-checking features are being added to Google Search by Google. Just underneath Top Stories, the new "Perspectives" feature will include a carousel. The user will be exposed to a variety of journalists, specialists, and other pertinent voices through Perspectives.

In the not too distant future, Google Search might seem a little different. The search engine is gaining a few new features, one of which is a carousel designed to increase your knowledge of a subject.

Google said in a blog post that it is releasing tools to assist with fact-checking material while using Search. The corporation is launching several noteworthy innovations, one of which is a function named "Perspectives."

There are "a variety of journalists, specialists, and other important voices on the issue you're searching for," according to Perspectives. A carousel will represent this function in Search below the Top Stories section. Google states that this feature will provide you with a range of notable perspectives on a news topic, enhancing the reliable reporting you can currently discover on Search to aid in your understanding. As with all of our news features, we're dedicated to providing you with accurate and reliable information.

Although the feature hasn't yet gone live, the firm promises that it will soon do so in the US and in English. Both desktop and mobile Search will have access to the capability.

The "About this result" tool is a feature that is now accessible internationally. Three dots are displayed next to the majority of results when users perform a search. The three dots, when clicked, open a window informing the viewer of the data they are viewing. In the following days, Google promises that this capability will be accessible in all languages where Search is available.