Google Introduces Nest Devices with Apple Music to The Indian Audience

Jan, 2022 - by CMI

In India and Australia, Apple has joined forces with Google to provide Google home devices that support Apple Music.

The music platform of the tech mammoth, Apple, is available on a variety of systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. This platform has recently been added to the Nest devices by Google. The household device has created a subtle user-base for this service in the North American market. After setting Apple Music as the default player on the device, users can enjoy the playback streaming and control the platform with their voices.

The tech giant, Google LLC, announced that Apple Music will be supported by the Google Nest devices. These devices will be available in India, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and South Korea. Since last year, the Nest devices have started supporting Apple Music. These devices are mainly sold in Europe, the US, and Japan.

Apple Music was introduced to the public in 2015. This music service has made progress in its technology step by step. This music platform supports Dolby Atmos, real-time lyrics, and noiseless audio. The organization is still behind in technology, as compared to Spotify. Nevertheless, Apple is set to launch an affordable voice plan with an upcoming iOS update. This new plan can be operated by using Siri.

Google has stated that users can ask Google Assistant directly on Nest devices as well as other smart devices. These devices can also display the user’s most-played music. Users can also play any specific playlist, artist, album, and so on.

The market for home devices is not a growing sector in India. But Nest devices have the potential to create their place in this thriving market. The Amazon devices and Google devices have already covered the Android section of the market, so this is a time for Apple’s streaming service to implant its roots in this market.