Google Introducing ‘Dock to Bottom’ Feature on Google Maps

Mar, 2022 - by CMI

This new feature can allow users to access the locations to dock places for easy switch.

Google is introducing a new feature “Dock to bottom” on their Maps platform. Google Maps is been useful for traveling users for better understanding the travel routes. The platform also informs the users to find out the places nearby the user. Now for the user’s convenience, the new feature allows the user to swap between the multiple tabs without disturbing the current route. The developing team conducted a test on the web platform of Google Maps. This allows users to temporarily dock the locations to the bottom panel bar.

Whenever the user is on the Maps platform, they will notice the “Dock to bottom” tab alongside the location’s name. After pressing this tab, the user can place the location on the bottom panel. This process will be termed as docking a place. The user can open this docked bar with other locations, along with other browser tabs. Users can experience the convenience of switching tabs while a route is open on a tab, by selecting the preview. Users can also extract any location from the sidebar by clicking the close button on the top.

The task of searching a location on Maps has been more boring, considering the low outcomes of the search results. The user gets tired by jumping between multiple localities. This upgrade has proven to be a much-needed improvement to the platform. The feature had released for a limited audience. after observing the test results of this target audience, the company will widen its userbase. The company stated that their team has been able to verify the searching results from the Search Engine Round Table, on the individual device. Google platform is famous for its pitching tests like these.

 The docking feature has been performing well for the desktop platform. The android platform suffers some glitches; hence the developing team is working on this platform. Given that the feature provides convenience to the users, the company will develop the upgrade in their version much sooner.