Healthy Eating Habits Reduces The Risk Of Chronic Diseases

Jan, 2023 - by CMI

A new study reveals that healthy eating patterns reduces premature mortality by lowering the risk of chronic diseases

It is said that “health is wealth” which has been well proven since the world is facing the crisis of Covid-19. Multiple researches have been done on benefits of healthy eating. As per a latest study report published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the participants of the study who followed at least one out of four prescribed healthy eating patterns had lesser risk of early mortality than others. Data was collected from different participants over 36 years. These participants had no history of chronic diseases in the starting of the study. Total 75,230 women and 44,085 men were included in the study. Every four years each participant answered dietary questionnaires.

There are four dietary pattern indexes included in the study are 1) Healthy Eating Index 2015, 2) Alternate Mediterranean Diet, 3) Healthful Plant-based Diet Index and 4) Alternate Healthy Eating Index. Key components like whole grains, nuts, vegetables, legumes and fruits are shared by all but other components vary across other eating patterns.

As per the researchers, the outcome of the study is compatible with the present Dietary Guidelines for America. Multiple healthy eating patterns are recommended in this dietary guideline. Researchers claim that adopting the four recommended dietary pattern by increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables and reducing red meat, helps in decreasing the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. By developing healthy food habits and consuming foods with various colors throughout the day, we can protect against the chronic ailments. According to Kristin Kirkpatrick, a lead dietician from Cleveland, Ohio, out of all four dietary patterns Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest dietary pattern. This dietary plan is capable of reducing the risk of chronic ailments along with premature death.