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High-Intensity Exercises Before Bed Disrupt Sleep

Oct, 2021

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A research found that intense workout before bedtime disturbs night time sleep of healthy adult, good sleepers compared to people who do not exercise.

Concordia University’s research group conducted a meta-analysis of 15 studies of effects of single intense exercise sessions on people in the hours before bedtime and found that intense workout before bedtime disturbs night time sleep of good sleepers compared to people who do not exercise. Common belief of a good night’s sleep after an intense workout could be a reason for altered sleep. The new study investigated the link between workout timings and a good night’s sleep and found some intriguing conclusions that suggest avoiding intense exercises at particular time before bed would give a quality sleep.

The team of scientists used combined data of 15 studies and analysed factors such as exercise timings of early evening or late evening  and the period of less than two hours and 2 to 4 hours between the workout session and sleep time as well as fitness level of the young and middle-aged adult participants (18-50 y old). The team also studied effects of particular exercises on sleep. The results of the study showed that exercises that ended two before were beneficial for sleeping as it promoted start of sleep and extended sleeping hours. However, the study also found that when workout session ended before less than two hours of sleep time affected sleep quality in a negative way. The subjects who ended workout session closer to bed time experience altered sleep.

Moreover, the analysis also showed that some specific workouts such as cycling benefited in driving sleep start and encouraged deep sleep and intense exercises of 30 to 60 minutes proved to be most efficient to promote sleep onset and increased sleeping hours regardless of evening timings.

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