Immuni-suppressing Action of the Collagen fibre

Jul, 2021 - by CMI


Type II collagen extract improves immunological responses in rats that have had their immunity weakened by methotrexate.

Among the different type of tissue in the human body, connective tissue hold much importance because of their variable functional ability. The functioning of a connective tissue is largely dependent on different biochemical and physical characteristics, of their ECM (Extra Cellular Matrix). Among the proteins notable one is the collagen protein, a triple helical structure. Almost 19 different isotypes of this triple helical protein has found, that get enclosed by 30 different genes.

A study by the scientists of NYU Grossman School of Medicine found that apart from providing structural framework and support, to the bodily organs, connective tissue protein also take part in encountering bacterial infections. The study was mainly based upon the composition and the functioning of the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) that was previously thought to be only responsible for the regulation of the framework. However, from this study, it get to know that recognised signalling function is also present that signals about the diseases and the presence of pathogen in the nearby cell of the body. This signalling is mainly done by Fibroblast, which is one of the components of protein structure.

A protein sugar conjugate, named as proteoglycan, is secreted by the fibroblast, that partners with collagen fibres, therapy promoting this signalling based immune response in the macrophage cells. Instantaneously a simultaneous restraining mechanism is also found in these cells, where tissues are protected to not react with the DNA, which coming either from the infected virus or its own.

The interaction induced an inflammatory response, and thereby initiating healing procedure. However, inhibitions of tissues at the affected area, can also lead in to sepsis, where the tissues will get degenerated in an aggressive manner, and thereby causing self-attack reaction.

Further works are ongoing to find a balanced mechanism is what that is required so that different bacterial infection can be suppressed by the help of endosomal signalling factor, along with suppression of the inflammatory chances as well.