Important Things For a Better Sleep

Feb, 2022 - by CMI

Some experts have suggested many ways to get a better sleep.

Having a good sleep is what everyone wants, as a better sleep leads to an active body and brain. From the type of mattress one sleeps on and the type of food one consumes to the drink one slurps till lightening of room one sleeps in, there are many things that impact the quality of sleep. The chief thing of person is linked to food for any of the functioning. RD’s prescribe what to consume to have a better sleep. The suggestions include a healthy sleep duration without hindering the sleep timetable. A healthy melatonin rich food can serve the purpose of getting a good sleep. Some people feel that eating prior to sleeping can fill the stomach and lead to a better sleep, however, consuming something before going to bed may lead to unusual problems.

As one knows that what is consumed results on the sleep type, and what one eats also affects the biological rhythm or the 24 hours’ body clock. A Sleep Scientist suggested that eating two to three hours prior to sleep may give benefits. As already people are aware about the fact that the body runs according to external surrounding and environment, it synchronized the food time also. So, consuming food late night or time nearer to the bed time may have negative impacts. As the brain get signals transmitted through the body, eating is a process that instigates brain to process the digestion of food and work on it, instead of taking rest. So eating late may confuse brain and body as its not aware whether to function on sleep or on digesting food. An expert of Harvard said that, maximum of eating prior to couple of hours. Consuming melatonin rich food promotes better sleep. Eating fish, green leafy veggies and magnesium rich food helps to have a better sleep.