Indian Defense Forces are in the Development of The First Native Drone

Dec, 2021 - by CMI


A drone consisting of various surveillance and defense gadgets is in development in Nagpur, for the Indian defense forces.

A privately owned defense manufacturer Economic Explosives Limited (EEL), has been manufacturing kamikaze drones and their controlling systems. In the upcoming months, EEL has stated a willingness to move forward with this project and submit it to defense forces. The EEL has declared their product expenses would also be considerably less than today's standards of the armed forces at present.

Nowadays, the army has similar systems to Israel and Polish soldiers. Besides drones, the organization also develops anti-drone missile rockets, which can fire a barrage and take on a swarm of drones before their strike. Working trials will be organized in the upcoming months for several variants of the drone as well as those for anti-drone systems. The organization is announced to be properly satisfied with the territory besides Indian borders.

Solar Industries Limited (SIL) group owns Economic Explosives Limited (EEL), both owned by business tycoon Satyanarayan Nuwal. The prototype model of this drone has been displayed in front of Indian Defense Chief, General Bipin Rawat, during his visit to the company. The Indian defense forces have been reliant on these systems. The solar group is the first domestic company to manufacture it in India.

The organization has been involved in the development of three versions with a range of 9, 15, and 62 miles. EEL has manufactured prototypes of hexacopter and fixed-winged planes. During the presentation, the drones have been using a completely domestic mainframe system, which can mark a target spot and capture pictures. By using this system, an attack can be controlled by the crew.

Recently, EEL had got an order to produce different models of hand grenades for the army. This system can be applied against opposition as well as assets like ammo-shelters or resource bunkers. All these new developments in weapon technology seem to be a milestone for the armed forces as well as the Make-in-India initiative.