Instagram Kids: Safety Must Come First In Digital Development

Feb, 2023 - by CMI

The rapid development of technology has allowed us to be connected to one another through social media in ways that we’ve never before dreamed of. But this advancement has come at a cost, bringing with it privacy issues, censorship concerns, and now, an entirely new worry: the impact of tech on children.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and is used by millions of people every day. Unfortunately, it also has the potential to be used by predators and those wishing to exploit children. As a result, parents and guardians are becoming increasingly aware of the need to protect their children online, and tech developers are beginning to recognize this concern as well.

In light of this, there is a need for tech development to move away from just making products and services more user-friendly and towards making them more secure and safe for young users. This could include introducing more stringent privacy laws to protect children’s data and developing age verification methods to ensure that only those of a certain age have access to the platform.

Tech developers must also take into account the fact that kids often lack the technological literacy to navigate the platform safely and secure their data properly. It is therefore essential that social media platforms have clear guidelines on what kids should and shouldn’t do online and that these are easy for children to understand.

Moreover, tech companies should also focus on developing tools that enable parents to monitor their child’s online activities and be able to block any inappropriate content. This could include parental control settings that limit the amount of time a child can spend on the platform, restrict access to certain types of content, and provide tools to report any suspicious activity.

In conclusion, tech developers must recognize that the rapid development of technology can have profound effects on children and as such, must focus on making their products and services more secure and safe for young users. This may require introducing more stringent privacy laws, developing age verification methods, and creating tools that allow parents to monitor their child’s online activities. Ultimately, this will ensure that kids are able to safely and securely use social media platforms such as Instagram.