Intake of Calories is An Essential Thing Required for Body

Mar, 2022 - by CMI


There is a required amount of calories men should consume everyday as it helps in maintaining the catabolism.

For many years’ diet plans such as Keto, Mediterranean and clean eating concentrating on just consuming specific foods instead of eating all the stuff reached heights to maintain the physique. However, as per the food survey conducted by IFI council, it is clear that counting the calories before consuming has again become a best way of diet. Now people feel that is knowing the count of calories really necessary for everyone. However, one should just know the calories consumed in order to understand the working of the body and the energy needed by the body to assimilate the food. Generally, the calorie counts of any food consumed is mentioned on the chart of menu or else listed back on the packed food or fast food list.

According to USDA, calories are referred to as one kilocalorie needed by the body. Kilocalorie is the required amount of heat needed to just raise temperature of 1 kilogram of water using a degree Celsius. Calories are used to measure energy. For the proper functioning of the body one needs to understand how important calories are. Each working part of the body provides calories to perform certain function. One needs calories in order to fulfil all the requirements and functioning. From passing the genetic material to producing the hormones, from receiving signals to sending messages through pout the body everyone needs certain amount of calories to run the body smoothly. Excess or less intake of anything can prove to be fatal. Everything needs to be consumed in an appropriate quantity. As per CDC men who are at an average height of 5 to 9 foot and above 40 should consume 2,822 calories. One who wants to gain weight could consume 300 to 500 grams of calories daily and the one who wants to lose weight could reduce the intake of calories to near about 500 to 1000 grams per day.