Intake of Plant Based Food Can Lower Risks of Heart Disease in Youth

Sep, 2021 - by CMI


Cardiovascular health can be achieved and maintained with a diet rich in nutrition and plant-based.

Eating heart-healthy food like a plant-based foodstuff at any age is beneficial. Two research studies from the Journal of the American Heart Association published the importance of food originating from plants in diet. After the two separate detailed studies that analyzed consumption of healthy plant food, researchers found that both young and women after menopause had fewer heart attacks. Eating healthy plant food also reduced the risk to get affected by cardiovascular disease.

Dietary patterns that include a variety of green leafy vegetables and fruits, fatless dairy products, skin deprived poultry and fish, pulses and nuts, and oils from non-tropical vegetables are suggestive Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations by American Heart Association. It also suggests to limits the intake of saturated fat and Trans fat, red meat, and drinks having sugar in them.

Yuni Choi, who is Ph.D. and an author told that earlier research was single nutrient focused. There is very little data proving a diet including plants reduces cardiovascular disease. Yuni along with her colleagues studied the development of heart disease in 4,946 participants enrolled in the (CARDIA) study. In this experiment, they estimated the cardiovascular disease risk in people between the age group of 18 to 30 years old between the years 1985- 1986. Black and white adults were also included with 54.9% of women. Initially, in the first test, they were found free from any disease. Eight exams were taken after certain intervals of years related to medical history, lab tests, etc. Researchers collected unbiased, habitual data for long period.

Two food groups were created beneficial and adverse. The participants consuming foodstuff from the beneficial group scored more and those eating from the adverse group scored less. Thus, the higher value was the result of the consumption of a nutritionally rich and plant-based diet.