Intake of Some Foods May Lead to Memory Loss

Apr, 2022 - by CMI

There are some of the foods that can create adverse effects on the cognitive health, says dietitians

People are fond of eating several kinds of foods, during which they eventually forget to distinguish between the good hygienic food and the unhygienic food. There are few foods which are common daily diet for many however, are very fatal for the brain health and may lead to several problems. The cognitive health is mainly inclined by the type of food one consumes and also upon the lifestyle one attains. In fact, the food one consumes may help or even harm the body and livelihood. In contrast, where there are some foods which are beneficial to get rid of memory loss, there are few foods that can lead to negative impact and can harm the memory and mental health and also may lead to Alzheimer’s. Dietitians say that with grace one can reduce the risk of being prone to cognitive impairment by the avoiding the consumption of some foods. The first thing one should avoid is to stop adding too much of refined carbohydrates in the diet.

The refined carbohydrates are classified under the broad category of whole meals, whole grains, white flour and some of the refined sugars and the foods that one prepares using these are bread, pasta and cereals which are associated with the higher risk of cognitive impairment or the elevation in dementia owing to the high calories from carbohydrates. Fish is generally associated with the improvement of all the health functions however, consuming fish containing higher mercury rate is regarded harmful. Mercury is disregarded to consume as it is a metal that acts as a neurotoxin which can disrupt the brain enhancement and may be poisonous for the cerebrum. Adding the artificial sweetening agents in food also may lead to several problems such as depression, mood swings and irritation. Intake of low grade fats that are unhealthy for the well-being is also restricted.