Koma 1.5, A Robotic Exoskeleton Acts As a Buggy

Oct, 2021 - by CMI


A Japanese company designed a robotic exoskeleton that operates as a powered buggy or two-legged lower body.

A Japanese power wear company, Atoun designed a robotic structure, Koma 1.5 that can be used as a powered buggy or a two-legged lower body exoskeleton. Atoun is a subsidiary of Panasonic that designs wearable robots for humans. The Japanese company has also introduced the Model Y and Himico assistive exoskeletons before that can carry heavy loads and walk over difficult terrain.

Atoun Koma 1.5 is presently in functioning prototype form. The Koma 1.5 consists four motorized wheels, two control arms and has two modes of practises, buggy mode and two legged mode. In buggy mode, when the user is carrying heavy load on a smooth and levelled surface, they can stand up on the rig of Koma 1.5 and grab two control arms assembled in it and get transported to destination by four motorized wheels. It provides the smoothest ride and it is easy to operate. When the user needs to walk over surface having obstacles, for instance, when the user needs to ascent stairs or cross an obstacle, the wearable robot Koma 1.5 switches to the two-legged mode with just a push on a button. The two wheels in front retract back and form two powered legs that follow the user’s leg movements and supports them as they move up and down.

Furthermore, the Koma 1.5 can detect obstacles and avoid them using its cameras and AI computer vision system. The Japanese company Atoun has not yet confirmed production of the robotic device, however, it has revealed operating of the prototype.