Lenovo Says That Its Legion Gaming Phone Division Has Been Discontinued

Jun, 2023 - by CMI

The action is "part of a bigger corporate change and gaming portfolio consolidation," according to a Lenovo representative.

Lenovo will no longer make gaming smartphones. Lenovo's Legion gaming phone line was a failure. The choice is "part of a bigger company change and gaming portfolio consolidation," a Lenovo spokesman said. The choice won't have an effect on Lenovo's other game eated products.

Recently, there have been several rumours regarding Lenovo and its Legion gaming phone line. The Legion gaming phone line, according to rumours, has been turned off. Customers may now be aware of the situation's reality.

On social media last week, a person who is thought to be a Lenovo employee made a comment on the Legion phone business. The individual claims that Lenovo decided to entirely shut down its gaming phone division.

Android Authority contacted Lenovo for a response in order to verify this claim. Later, a Lenovo representative verified to Android Authority that the company has indeed discontinued its Legion phone line.

Lenovo is ceasing manufacture of its mobile gaming phones as part of a bigger business transformation and a consolidation of its gaming portfolio. Lenovo is dedicated to growing the gaming industry across form factors and focusing on areas where it can bring the most value to players worldwide. Lenovo is a pioneer in gaming hardware and software.

The future of the gaming phone market doesn't exactly appear promising with Lenovo retiring its line of gaming phones. Moreover, Xiaomi recently experienced difficulties with its Black Shark line, firing hundreds of employees from its facilities.

Some brands are still surviving, so it's not all bad news. For instance, ASUS' ROG Phone series is still going strong. On April 13, the business will introduce the ROG Phone 7.