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Meta Uses Artificial Intelligence to Convert Sketches Into Animations

Mar, 2022

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Meta's new AI tool allows users to create the animation of digital sketch arts.

Meta, previously known as Facebook has introduced a fun tool for their younger audience and artistic community. This feature provides the user to draw a simple humanlike character, and later the AI creates an algorithm to create an animation of that character. It helps to boost the creative side of the children and artists too. Many more digital art creators will be going to utilize this feature to convert their artwork into automated animation.

As noticed by many of the users, the children have a unique imagination to create characters by observing. To develop this imagination power, Meta introduces this tool as an educational device that helps kids to develop their characters into animated form. After drawing any sketch, children have to upload that sketch onto the platform. Later that platform provides a variety of activities to perform by that character. The animated character can perform activities like dancing, jumping, running, and skipping. The video output of the animation could be downloaded from this platform. This platform could be used by parents to educate their growing children. AI platform stores all the characters to utilize them in any upcoming activities.

Meta aims to create an AI tool that can create animation for realistic images of persons. There are many other AI platforms are available in the market, but none of them can develop a perfect animation of a sketch. The company’s goal is to create an AI system that can recognize a human-like sketch and automatically convert it into an animation. This process will be done under adult supervision. The result of the beta testing of this platform had given a very successful response in the younger userbase. By instructing AI to perform virtually with sketches created by children, the company is hoping to make this project a stepping stone for building a better-performing AI.

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