Microsoft Makes Bing AI Available For Public Testing Without A Waiting List.

Jun, 2023 - by CMI

It's also incorporating media-rich responses, chat logs, and other features.

Bing AI is now accessible—sort of. Microsoft's overhauled search engine has entered open preview three months after launching. The chatbot still requires Bing on the Edge browser or Bing mobile apps, but there's no backlog.

Microsoft is adding numerous new features to honor Bing's new GPT-4 phase. It can provide charts, graphs, and complex formatting. Bing Image Creator, which uses DALL-E to create AI-generated images, now supports Bing's over 100 languages. Microsoft is also developing multi-modal search, which lets you upload photos to find specific material. Bing could find furnishings to match your unusual bookcase. Conversation histories may please dedicated users. Bing AI talks earlier used to disappear. Old conversations can now be revisited. Microsoft is also striving to improve the user experience: If a chat result link is clicked, the conversation will be relocated to the Edge sidebar for convenient reference.

Bing's AI integration is slowly becoming as reliable as Microsoft Office. The company is also adding share and export tools and incorporating context from past discussions into talks. Bing will also improve at summarizing PDFs, docs, and long websites. Professors need to be extra cautious in this context. Microsoft wants to make Bing's AI conversation a platform, too. The startup will soon offer third-party plugins for OpenTable reservations and Wolfram|Alpha complicated math solutions. Microsoft's plugin management will be intriguing.

Edge will also receive updates soon. Microsoft promises a "sleeker and enhanced" interface with softened corners and semi-transparent elements. (Let's hope the corporation doesn't go Vista.) Bing AI will enhance Edge: Edge's conversation can recommend movie theaters. Bing conversation regarding Edge mobile apps' websites will also be available. At its Build conference later this month, Microsoft will announce more AI and Edge features. How Bing will market their AI conversation to consumers is a curious topic. Microsoft can easily excite techies, but how it will convince others is a matter to observe.