Microsoft Opens Access To AI Programs, Including New Bing

Jun, 2023 - by CMI

The Bing search engine was launched 3 months ago

The new Bing is available to everyone as Microsoft Corporation increases public access to its generative AI technologies. Customers have had almost 500 million chats and 200 million photos made with Bing Image Creator since the new Bing was introduced, and the number of downloads of the Bing mobile app has increased by a factor of four. Combining huge language models like OpenAI's GPT-4 with its search index, the new Bing is now in "open preview" and there is no longer a waiting, it stated.

In a blog post, Microsoft VP Yusuf Mehdi explained that users may now test out the revamped Bing and Edge simply by joining in with their existing Microsoft accounts. Three months ago, the tech giant revealed the new Bing driven by artificial intelligence and the revamped Microsoft Edge to "reinvent the future of search."

The company has announced that it would be transitioning to a new generation of its products, with a focus on visual solutions (such as charts and graphics) and multimodal assistance (such as the incorporation and extension of Bing Image Creator).  And it's moving away from "single-session productivity experiences with chat history and persistent chats within Edge" in favor of "multi-session productivity experiences with chat history and persistent chats within Edge."  Users will be able to view past conversations, export them, and share them with others. The conversation is moving to the Edge sidebar to have a more in-depth discussion. Edge mobile will now have page context, and the chat feature will automatically summarize large papers. The user interface and overall design of Edge will be improved and modernized.

Microsoft is also releasing platform features so that third-party developers can create applications that run atop Bing. “We're collaborating with the OpenAI team to make it simple and uniform for programmers to take advantage of this opening. We think these kinds of talents are going to be a game-changer in the way search is reimagined and how possibilities are created for developers in search," he said, hinting that further information might be released later in the month.

Mehdi concluded by saying that teams are still working to address challenges like misinformation and disinformation, content filtering, data protection, and stopping the propagation of harmful or discriminating content that arise as a result of AI developments.