Microsoft to get Low Bandwidth Mode to Improve Video Calls

Apr, 2021 - by CMI


The team of Microsoft will soon be using a low-bandwidth configuration that will enable users with the slower Internet to engage in video conferencing as per the firm's development plan.

Video conferences normally requires a high number of participants and high bandwidth which makes it difficult to conduct lag-free video calls over a limited internet connection. The Teams of Microsoft will also allow consumers to restrict their mobile data usage during a conference and also tweak the settings according to the time requirements. In its roadmap, Microsoft stated that the new function will only be accessible to the desktop client and will start to roll out worldwide this month. The new feature of Microsoft Teams was found on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap website. The company stated, whether users want to store data or they are in an area with a limited or poor connection, it's beneficial to limit the quantity of data they use during a video conferencing. The new feature (low data mode) allows the user to limit the quantity of data that is used during group video conferencing and to set various configuration based on the availability of the network.

At the time of Microsoft Ignite 2021 event, the firm stated that Teams of Microsoft will also bring end-to-end call encryption, a channel-sharing feature, conference assistance for up to 1,000 group members, and also support for smart speakers that can identify up to 10 different voices of participants. Microsoft has also confirmed that PowerPoint Live will be included in the Teams app and that a new mode for the presenter will also be available. The company is also trying to reduce the CPU and RAM usage of its Teams desktop application. The question was raised in the Microsoft Teams Community Forum, and the company addressed that it is working to fix the problem, but have not yet disclosed when the fix will arrive.