New Anti-scarring Medication Enables Tissue Elasticity

Aug, 2021 - by CMI


Researchers developed a therapeutic peptide gel that acts as anti-scarring medication to reduce scarring along with obviating its anti-impacts on tissue elasticity and body motion.

Many cases were identified where scar region including surgical scars reduce the patient's range of motion by limiting the elasticity of that particular body part. Researchers from Virginia Tech in the U.S. conducted a study to reduce such scarring and promote proper body motion. A therapeutic peptide known as alpha Connexin Carboxy-Terminus 1 or alphaCT1 was created by a team at Virginia Tech to perform this operation of scar reduction.

An experiment was carried out by the team, which was led by Prof. Rob Gourdie, to test the functioning of alphaCT1.  The team recruited 49 healthy subjects for preliminary and began to excise 5-mm punches from the inner biceps of them. A punch was undertaken by every individual from each arm. Further, the topical gels were applied on the resulting wounds. Every person obtained a gel containing alphaCT1 on one wound, while the other got a non-medicated controlled. After a healing period of 29 days, the scars that shaped on both wounds were captured and biopsied for further analysis. Researchers observed that the wounds served with alphaCT1 were able to stretch its tissues in every way. The scars took a form of enmeshed strips with the assistance of collagen permitting it to look and behave like an unwounded skin. However, the wounds that were served with the control gel created much less pliable scars, restricting them to form enmeshed strips and also limiting the body motion.

At the point when human skin cell cultures were noticed through a magnifying lens, it was observed that alphaCT1 led to collagen-creating cells called as fibroblasts to initially loosen up like an elastic band, then convert to original state and change direction. This activity of enmeshing of the collagen strips is named as "the fibroblast dance". Researchers claimed that, alphaCT1 is at a stage 3 clinical preliminary, and would be commercialized soon by FirstString Research spinoff company.