New Delivery Drone Hauls Three Packages in a Single Flight

May, 2021 - by CMI


The latest Wingcopter 198 delivery drone is able to lift cargo upto 20kgs which will be helpful in delivering packages in hard-to-reach places.

Drone maker from Germany, Wingcopter on Tuesday introduced Wingcopter 198, a latest generation model. This fixed-wing and eVTOL (all-electric tilt-rotor vertical take-off and landing) drone is able to deliver three packages at various places in one flight.

"The Wingcopter 198 is a game-changer for drone-based deliveries, ready to create logistical highways in the sky," said Tom Plümmer, CEO, Wingcopter. "It can be perfectly utilized as a fleet solution in delivery networks to create new opportunities, everywhere."

The patented tilt-rotor technology of Wingcopter makes it to vertically rise up as a helicopter, then smoothly and quietly move in a horizontal fixed-wing flight. This eight-rotor drone measures 25.5 x 77.9 x 59.8 inch (65 x 198 x 152 cm) and its weight is 44 lb (20 kg). A weight of take-off of maximum 25 kg can be handled by the drone. Transportation of three packages of 8.6 x 15.7 x 7.5 inch (22 x 40 x 19 cm) can be at once with each having a winch of its own. The drone can land on ground for delivery or can be lowered slowly from a hovered flight.

The delivery drone can stay for 40 minutes in the air and can travel as long as 75 km, while carrying total cargo of 11 lb (5 kg) in a one-way flight. It is a solution for packaging delivery at hard-to-reach or rural places. Packages, for instance, can be hauled in a hub or warehouse using trucks on a mainland, and then Wingcopter 198 drones could fly over the packages towards an offshore platform or an island. Currently, the Wingcopter 198 is undergoing FAA type certification.