New Electric Micro-Car Adjusts Itself By Shifting Shape

Oct, 2021 - by CMI


All electric City Transformer uses convertible framework that pushes the wheels in-and-out to transform.

Electric vehicle industry is growing rapidly as electric vehicles are built considering every factor from user’s comfort to carbon emission. A new addition to range of EVs is of the new Israeli-designed City Transformer. It is a micro 2.5-m electric vehicle that uses retractable framework in order to shift its shape by pushing the wheels in-and-out. It can fit in small spaces and takes up very small part of parking space. It is sustainable and built in a way to consume small spaces in cities.

The City Transformer is 250cm (98 in) long and 140cm (55 in) wide and compared to the Renault Twizy, the City Transformer sizes almost as the Twizy that has 234 by 124cm dimensions. However, the City Transformer is unique in its way due to its adjustable chassis that pulls the wheels with the tire-to-tire width. The shape shifting of the new electric micro-car can be done while the car is still in the motion which allows the user experience of a two-wheeler when the wheels are pulled in and a four-wheeler when the wheels are pushed out. By pushing the wheels out, it provides more stability and improves performance. The City Transformer has 20-hp powertrain which give it the speed of 90kmph (56mph) when the wheels are out and 40kmph when the wheels are pulled in. The micro-car has the range of 120-180km per charge and capability of quick-charge to 80% in 30 minutes as well as rear disc breaks in the front.

The CityTransformer is in competition with Renault Twizy in the electric automobile market. It plans to introduce the first customer cars in 2024. It will have MRSP of €16,000 which is approx. US$18,750.