New Flyer unveils North America's first independent bus

Mar, 2021 - by CMI


Xcelsior AV combines New Flyer electric bus platform with self-driving technology from Robotic Research

New Flyer, a heavyweight bus builder and Maryland-based private automotive development company Robotic Research has launched the Xcelsior AV, a self-propelled bus, reportedly the first fully operational bus in North America.

New Flyer began its independent program with Robot Research back in May 2019, and introduced a pilot to Connecticut last year using its three electric Charge buses.

"Independent technology is not only expected to increase transport safety, but is also expected to increase mobility and use of vehicles," said Robotic Research president Alberto Lacaze. "Automatic buses have the potential to improve traffic patterns and reduce traffic congestion, benefiting not only mass transport users, but also the entire infrastructure. A safe, clean, efficient, and easily accessible solution. "

Independent car system brains are Robot Research's AutoDrive automotive technology, which uses data collected by sensors such as cameras, LiDAR, GPS, and radars to create a 3D model of the world around the car, as well as find other vehicles, pedestrians and so on.

The system works with the car's drive-by-wire setup to steer, fold and brake when needed, and can keep things moving even if GPS data isn't available, and the bus is able to respond to real-time events as they happen.

Other assistive technologies include parking docking assist, signal-spot detection, and collision reduction. The system allows automotive and automotive connections to be made, as well as automotive and integration infrastructure in smart cities, and operators can also delve deeper into the performance statistics compiled by the integrated data collection system.

The 41-meter-long Xcelsior AV has 40 seats, a passenger seat and two for wheelchair users, and is powered by a New Flyer's Charge battery gas. Although its suspension has not been approved, some members of the entire Charge electric bus family can hold 160-kWh to 466-kWh batteries in a distance of up to 225 miles (360 km) over a charging distance and are designed for the clock, thanks to the support of plug-in and external charging solutions.