New Generation SoC Dimensity 9000 is Coming to The Market by MediaTek

Dec, 2021 - by CMI

MediaTek Inc. declared Dimensity 9000 a New Flagship SoC for Android operating systems.

Taiwanese microchip manufacturer, MediaTek, launched a new flagship product Dimensity 9000 5G for the new generation of Android smartphones. Even though the market is currently controlled by Qualcomm processors.

MediaTek announced its latest product, Dimensity 9000 microchip, which will be utilized by their production partners in Taiwan, for the production of "N4" microchips. These new chips are faster in processing and smaller in size. The company also declared that it will become the world's first-ever mobile processor, which has a new core for computing the data, known as the Cortex-X2.

After the production of these 5G mobile chips, MediaTek was one of the three organizations in the world. Samsung and Qualcomm are also in the business of manufacturing their microprocessors. After these global corporations, Huawei is also in the competition for manufacturing cellphone and their processors, but they were forced out of the American market. These four manufacturers essentially cover the global tech market for processor chips.

After Huawei was driven out of the American market, various Chinese manufacturers came to the market to acquire their client base. MediaTek has a growing client base containing Oppo, Xiaomi, and many more. Most of these brands have only been using MediaTek's processors for low and middle-level devices. They commonly use Qualcomm processors for their top model devices.

MediaTek Inc.'s chief financial officer, David Ku, announced that 9000 micro-processing chips were being produced for users to replace their current devices with the company's new-generation flagship devices.

Not so long ago, Taiwanese microchip manufacturer MediaTek Inc. beat US$10 billion in revenue. This was the company's first big hike in the market yet. David Ku further stated that the company expects to hike revenue by US$17 billion this year.

He also said that "the main driving factor of the average selling price is much higher due to latest transition from 4G to 5G. The price of a 4G processor chip will going to be US$10 and the price of a 5G processor chip will going to be between US$30 to US$50.