New Technology to Detect Infection Using Smartphone-connected Devices

Jul, 2021 - by CMI


Scientists designed a prototype device to detect any infection in body within an hour by using just smartphone-connected devices.

Scientists from Canada McMaster University developed a prototype device to detect the infection by using smartphone-connected devices. Prevailing circumstances make humans to choose the only traditional way to get a report card within 2-3 days after submitting such sample of suspect to laboratory. However, smartphone-based innovation has more potential as suspected samples can be analysed in a very short period.

The analysis of fluid samples in lab is really a matter of concern in this fast moving world. As it takes few days to get a result, proliferation of bacteria becomes viable. In remote places, many people put more efforts just to reach equipped labs. Such limitations evoked the scientists to design a prototype device. Two main parts of such devices are two channel electrical sensor chip and USB stick to plug the chip into it. The suspect can operate it by simply placing a droplet of blood, urine and saliva on the chip. The already existing DNA on the chip reacts with protein produced by suspected bacteria in the respective samples. The smartphone interprets and display the data on the dedicated app after plugging both chip and main model into it. Within an hour desirable results are shown by the device.

One can easily detect other types of bacteria by utilising different DNA enzymes. Such devices are really vital in the situation, such as COVID-19 spreading very drastically over the world. The prototype can pave a way for scientists to give better treatment and avoid serious complications. Quick response of results may be a saviour of many lives especially in remote areas. It can also mitigate the exaggerated use of antibiotics and drugs. Such promising innovation may alter the prevailing health infrastructure by adding some significant values in wellness of human being.