New Variation Of The Covid-19, Arcturus Will Cause Pink Eye.

Jun, 2023 - by CMI

Many new cases of COVID-19 reported to the Arizona Department of Health Services in the past week.

The Arizona Department of Health Services has received reports of over 4,000 new cases of COVID-19 in the previous week. Because it's probable that several hundred of these represent a new variety, and because it's accompanied by a new symptom, many people are worried. The medical term for pink eye is conjunctivitis, but most people just call it "pink eye."

According to Dr. Kareem Shehab, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University ssOf Arizona College Of Medicine, "infection is a major cause of pink eye, especially with respiratory viruses." "Pink eye" "Because those seasons can overlap one another a little bit, it can be difficult to distinguish between pink eye caused by an infectious virus and conjunctivitis due to allergies."

Dr. Shehab says that the itching sensation in the eyes is worsened by allergic conjunctivitis. That's a common problem among kids of school age. He claims that people with Covid-19 may experience its symptoms in a variety of ways. The doctor said that it was a respiratory infection for certain patients. The disorder causes rashes in some patients and fever in others. Conjunctivitis would be another issue to add to the list of possible Covid side effects.

Still, Dr. Shehab said that the data at hand are too preliminary to say whether or not there is a causal relationship. And he added, "There have been recent reports that suggest there may possibly be a link between this Covid variant that is very common in India." It is making its way across the Atlantic, and certain states in the United States are starting to see it. He said that keeping up-to-date on vaccines and maintaining frequent hand washing are the best ways to stop the spread of the illness.