New Video Editor Functionality For Chromebooks Updated By Google Photos

Jun, 2023 - by CMI

Users will be able to create a movie from scratch or select a preset thanks to new tools that Google is "beginning to roll out" on Google Photos.

New video editing and movie editor features are "beginning to trickle out" on Google Photos. Users of the tools will be able to start from scratch or select a preset while making a movie. The Google Pictures app must be set up on the Chromebook of the user.

Google hinted that it would be releasing new movie editing tools for Chromebooks through Google Photos in July of last year. These traits are now beginning to appear.

The business stated that new video editing features are beginning to roll out for Google Photos on Chromebooks in a post on the Google Pictures community page. With the aid of these tools, users would be able to use and edit photos and movies directly from your Chromebook.

One can choose to use pre-made themes or create one’s own movie while utilizing the movie editor. It will be able to select whatever consumers want from the gallery and edit any photographs or scenes using the built-in editor if users decide to handle it oneself. But, if one selects one of the suggested themes, the function will have selected films and pictures for users based on that theme; users may still change and modify the selections.

Google Photos will utilize both video clips and photographs to build a personalized movie based on the topic users choose and the people (or pets!) viewers want to add. Even from one’s lengthy videos, it makes an educated choice of the most significant moments.

Contrary to a full-featured movie editor tool, users won't need to be familiar with all the technical aspects of producing a high-quality movie. The updated movie-making tools, according to Google, will "enable users generate high-quality movies with only a few touches." But do not expect this tool to be as capable as more expensive editing programs.