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Newly Discovered Receptor Helps to Burn Extra Energy

Nov, 2020

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According to the author, Denis Blondin, human brown fat can be activated by stimulating the B2-AR receptor (beta2-adrenergic receptor).

Previously, the research team from the University of Bonn found a way to reverse some signs of aging in mice. By triggering receptors in the form of rapid burning of fat, the team delivered more muscle and less fat to older animals, making them as healthy as young mice. The team also believed that this approach might help reverse signs of aging in humans. However, according to new research, researchers might be targeting the wrong receptor in the human body. White fat builds up excess fat around waist, hips, and thighs, and stores energy for later.

However, it is not the only type of fat people have, there is also brown fat, which produces heat to help maintain body temperature in cold conditions. Over the years, the researchers have been looking for promising ways to convert white fat to brown fat. This may help lose some weight, as well as treat health problems such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. While mouse studies have had some success, human trials have failed to yield the same results. However, now, the research team from Copenhagen University and the University of Sherbrooke has found why this can happen.

Now, the researchers have found that the same b2-AR receptor (found in mouse studies) helps stimulate thermogenesis. According to the author, Denis Blondin, human brown fat can be activated by stimulating the B2-AR receptor (beta2-adrenergic receptor). The B2-AR receptor is responsible for the release of fat from white adipose tissue. However, further research is needed to find medications that can activate the B2-AR receptor to help burn excess brown fat. Activation of brown fat improves insulin sensitivity, burns calories, and even affects appetite regulation. The research was published in the Cell Metabolism journal.

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