Novavax is Almost Effective as a COVID-19 Vaccine

Mar, 2021 - by CMI


Novavax Inc. revealed on January 28, 2021 that the vaccine prepared by the company is 90% effective against the coronavirus.

Based on preliminary data of final stage trial that took place in the United Kingdom, Novavax announced on Thursday that their vaccine is effective against the virus, although those results varied for the old un-mutated COVID virus and the new variant of the coronavirus. Novavax is conducting trails of the vaccine in the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, and Mexico. In 2020, the US-based vaccine company had received funds from the Operation Warp Speed.

The trail of the vaccine involved 15,000 people from Britain with their ages ranging from 18 to 84. On analysing, around 62 people were diagnosed with COVID-19, out of which only six patients were treated with vaccines and other nine were given dummy vaccines. Novavax claimed that the vaccine is 96% effective in the non-mutated patients and 86% effective against the mutated new variant of the virus. This dose of vaccine comprises of a protein that will help the body to identify the new variant of virus. The protein, which is known as re-combinant vaccine, is developed by the engineering it to grow the clones of spike proteins in the cells. Then after the extraction of protein, it is added as an immunity-raising chemical. 

Novavax CEO Mr.Stanley Erck said that the numbers are the illustrations of the capability of their vaccine to develop a resistive immune system. A variant that was first discovered in South Africa has different mutations that had created panic among scientists. Additional information is required for Novavax so as to access British authorization for mass dosing of vaccine.

Meanwhile, the company has started to develop a proto-type of the vaccine to tackle the mutations that were found in South Africa.