Novel Footwear Technology Prevents Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Jun, 2022 - by CMI

Researchers developed a new responsive footwear that relives pressure on part of feet experiencing high stress while walking or performing other tasks

Diabetes can alter sensation in patient’s feet, which causes issues such as not being able to shift the foot pressure as required and this further causes severe skin ulcers, which could result into life-threatening infections and amputation of a foot, toe or leg. A team of scientists at the University of Texas, Arlington developed a new footwear technology, which relieves pressure on parts of feet experiencing high stress when the patient is walking or performing other activities.

The team of scientists developed the dual-layer removable devices using integrated sensors. With help of these sensors, the insoles constantly monitor the loading pattern on the feet bottom. The insole automatically and periodically changes this monitoring pattern as it selectively pumps the fluid in or out of cell network that is spread in every unit so to avoid prolonged pressure in one part of feet. This technology can be used by people with different weights. Moreover, the insoles can also be used as an alternative for a total contact cast that is used for distributing weight evenly across the foot’s sole when the ulcers are healing.

Furthermore, these devices can also be used for analyzing walking gait of the wearer. Most of the amputations across the world are caused due to diabetes and with technology such disturbing effects of diabetes can be prevented. As per the team, development of this new wearing device brings one step closer to find a solution with which complications risks associated to diabetic foot ulcers can be reduced. The researchers are reportedly planning a pilot study that is expected to be performed in partnership with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.