One Plus Launches Limited Edition Cobalt Watch

Aug, 2021 - by CMI


Midnight Black and Moonlight Silver versions of One Plus’s Limited Edition watches are start at Rs.14,999.

The One Plus Watch is the company’s very first attempt in making premium wearable smartwatches. While the initial version of the One Plus Watch received mixed reviews, it did provide a rare blend of wristwatch and very good battery life, the fitness tracker in this watch is a plus point. The One Plus Watch’s design was one of its great aspects, and the company has now released a Cobalt Limited Edition of wearable to push things even further.

This limited edition watch costs Rs. 5000 more than the ordinary version, but buyers are to get more quality One Plus watch with a classic design in exchange. The sale of this Cobalt Limited Edition watch will start from July 16, 2021 on the company’s official website where users can avail a discount of Rs. 1000 with some terms and conditions. Both the variants of this watch along some more color options will be made available for the buyers on online platforms. From the very start, this watch is expected to offer a premium experience to the users.

This limited edition smartwatch is wrapped in a sleek black case that is covered with a soft leather covering. Along with the smartwatch this case consist of a charger, warranty, safety guide and an additional pair of black straps. Whereas the standard One Plus watch come in a typical case without any extra straps. The Cobalt Limited Edition Watch is primarily made of stronger long lasting materials. The box of this watch is constructed from the cobalt alloy, which is twice as stronger as a stainless steel, the material is rarely used in the making of premium watches. In addition, this watch is extreamly durable than the standard steel watches. The Sapphire glass used in this watch has a Mohs rating of 9, indicating that it is extremely scratch resistant. Without the straps this watch weighs 45g which is similar to that of the standard watches.