OPPO Global introduces an Under-Screen Camera technology delivering a real full-screen experience

Sep, 2021 - by CMI


The OPPO's latest technology for camera under-screens provides the optimum mix between screen quality and camera quality by integrating hardware and patented algorithms

On 4 August 2021, OPPO, one of the world's leading smartphone brand, presented upcoming Under-Screen Camera technology for mobile phones. The revolutionary camera solution integrates the front camera under the smartphone display in such a way that it maintains the quality and stability of the whole screen during and when being standby by combining the finest in hardware development and the unique AI algorithms from OPPO. It is a camera solution with no comprises and provides the right balance from uniform screen quality to camera image quality.

The new camera under-screen solution addresses a number of technical and production challenges that have impacted Under Screen Camera technology during development. Advancements has fixed the problems such as unequal display quality in the screen space across the underlying camera, poor image quality due to screen obstruction, and product performance. Due to advancements in these areas, OPPO has been able to offer an effective under-screen camera solution that takes the full-screen experience of everyday life to new heights.

OPPO has spent extensively in research and development in such areas as customer demand for larger screen-to-body ratios and unique smartphone form factors has developed. Since beginning development of the technology in 2018, OPPO has introduced 3 generations of under-screen camera solutions, filing over 200 patents in the meantime.

In 2020, OPPO made significant contributions to technological advancement with the presentation to the International Electrotechnical Commission of its first proposed standards for under-screen camera technology. Seven main technical parameters, including screen transmission, uniformity, color shifts, reflection, and decrease in brightness, were included as suggestions in the submitted proposal. To further enhance its under-screen camera technology, OPPO will expand research and development on hardware development and algorithms with the ultimate purpose of making users globally more immersive, real full-screen camera systems.