Over Consuming Vitamins May Lead to Health Problems

Jan, 2022 - by CMI

Mostly, people hear that consuming vitamins and minerals would keep them fit, but overdoing them may put the life at risk.

Most of them intake vitamin capsules forever small pain, but eating vitamin tablets on a higher degree may hamper the health and could lead to some adverse effects such as hair loss or diarrhea, says a nutritionist. Vitamin capsules can be consumed by one for filling the lack of nutrients in the diet. A study states that nearly 31% of Americans are at a threat of being deficient in at least any one of the vitamins. It is also said that unwanted vitamin supply in the body may also lead to various problems. When someone intakes a vitamin supplement and that is not required for the body presently and the body is not lacking behind in that nutrient, it may lead to occurrence of malignant problems which may lead to diarrhea, hair loss, vomiting, exhaustion, bellyache, abdominal problems and sometimes may lead toy neural damage.

 Some vitamins are dissolvable such as vitamin C and vitamin B, and they can be removed from the body in the form of urine if not required by the body. Some fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, K cannot be avoided by the body and may lead to many virulent buildup overtime. And if it leads to overdose in severe cases it may even lead to hospitalization. Excluding the use of soluble vitamins is less harmful as compared to the insoluble vitamins, for instance overcoming of vitamin C may lead to many severe diseases. Intake of vitamin C is very helpful and essential but intake of this vitamin in an extreme level may show adverse effects on health. Overtake of vitamins can even hamper the digestive system. People are advised to take vitamin D instead of vitamin C so as to receive natural sunlight.