Pininfarina Redefines the Concept of Electric Driving

Aug, 2021 - by CMI


The Teorema extends out into a full size SUV but is only 4.5 ft. high at 55 inches.

Given the paucity of auto shows, 2021 has been a bit of a snoozer for futuristic concept cars. The all new Teorema, on the other hand, makes up for the losses by redefining automobile external and interior architecture for a more pleasant all electric self-driving. The VR designed prototype automobile has a detachable cabin that is almost as convenient as a campervan. The company wants to create something which pushes passenger convenience and/or aerodynamics to new heights. Pininfarina takes the Teorema in this very direction.

The sleek, curved body of the idea resembles the latest Hyperloop capsule rather than a typical automobile. The outside is the most interesting thing, but it is the interior that provides the basis for the whole idea. The major benefits of an all-electric vehicle includes its compact size, decentralized powertrain and flat open floor. Before putting a frame around it, Pininfarnia engineers in Cambiano and Shanghai labored to develop a more homely design and feel within the car. The Teorem journey starts shortly prior to entering, when a core panel of the glass canopy slides open and the rear section shell swings forward and up, enabling the residents to walk along the doorway of their house, which is much more rational than bobbing and twisting through an auto door, that is similar to a conventional car. Each passenger is assisted by a glow of lights incorporated into the floor carpet, to their seats.

The spacious seats develop a fully walking alley in the center of the high energy, whereas the crystal glass canopy panel slides open to allow the occupants to go normally, all without having to budge down. The Teorema contains the projectiles and the spectacular Kamm tail to reduce drag and enhance air efficiency in the entire vehicle. The front bonnet routes air directly across the tyres and lengthy side channels allow it to flow through the flanks and out the tail lights. This entire vehicle was constructed entirely on the virtual reality platform.