PlayStation Network Experiences a Technical Outage in its Gaming and Streaming Services

Mar, 2021 - by CMI


On evening of February 10, 2021, the gamers worldwide faced some technical issues while using the PlayStation network.

The PlayStation Network (PSN) received a significant amount of problem reporting on Wednesday evening as they were unable to play Apex Legend, PS5, and Call of Duty. The server issue was reported by Reddit users after they were not able to access the gaming services. The network had displayed a note acknowledging that the server is undergoing through maintenance process. Although it didn’t reveal the time that will be required for the fixing of error. The outage of the server lasted for over an hour before the company resolved it. One of the most problems faced by netizens nowadays is the server outage. The crucial services such as email and search engines have the most of the traffic on them. However, this time the server outage took place in the gaming world as well when the Sony’s PlayStation Network crashed on February 10.

The reason behind this sudden outage is still unknown as the users are not able to login the Black Desert Console too. Black Desert Console’s Twitter account posted a tweet following the incident, “We are aware of the errors that adventurers are facing on PlayStation network, they are unable to login the Black Desert Console. We are investigating the problem and hope to resolve the issue quickly.” The effect of this outage was experienced across other services such as the PlayStation Store, account handling PS5, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

While the issue caused the panic among the gamers, Sony advised the users to stay signed in and suggested to avoid fixing error on their own.

PlayStation Network has returned to its operational mode. Hence, avoiding the outrage of all gamers across the globe.