Power Outage Caused by Winter Storm is Lasting Longer than Expected in Texas

Mar, 2021 - by CMI


The Electric Reliability Council of Texas reported on the ongoing power crisis in the Texas State, the power outage will take time for restoration.

The largest electricity delivery company of Texas, Oncor, revealed on February 15 that the power outage will continue until the next day. Extreme weather conditions in Texas are the cause of these unprecedented power shut-downs across the state. Storms have created a shortfall of power generation in the Texas power system. Oncor was requested by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to practice load-shedding, in order to minimize the increasing demand and safeguard the connectivity of the electric grid system. The duration of these power shut-downs has been prolonged significantly due to the crucial electric grid situations and the current extreme weather conditions. ERCOT has advised the people across the state to be prepared for extended power outage for one more day.

Oncor was flooded with numerous phone calls regards the situation of power outage and the time for restoring it. Furthermore, the electricity supplier was contacted by the consumers over the impact of highest-ever winter storm which is still impacting the entire state. The officials of Oncor could not attend the bulge of phone calls by the customers. Hence, the company issued a statement which said that the customers are not required to report their power shut-downs for now as the crews are busy repairing the damage caused by the storm and the power will be delivered once the electric generation is restored. Oncor further said that consumers facing power emergency situations are the only ones that will be prioritized at this moment.

The combination of the most severe winter storm and the lesser power generation, the restoration time is yet unknown. Formation of ice and unsafe road conditions due to storm are refraining the progress of power restoration.